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A Culture of Excellence

MCIC is a small company that feels big, and we have the know-how, the drive, and the passion to support it. We have an intense drive to serve our subscribers and be the best the industry has to offer by assessing, measuring, and delivering valuable, innovative, and personalized support.

All our employees take part in a continuous journey to seek feedback to better understand and address our subscribers’ needs, innovate creative and effective insurance programs and practices, and challenge ourselves so we can provide value to our subscribers. 

Our specialized approaches to analytics and patient safety are best-in-class and help reduce risk. Every member of our staff helps support these efforts, and we’re looking forward to continuing and expanding our programs in the future.

Life at MCIC

At MCIC, we have a unique, performance-based culture that offers our employees rewards based upon their individual performance. We embrace and celebrate the diversity of our staff and recognize individual achievements, team triumphs, and overall company success.

We are committed to personal growth and strive to foster a continuous learning culture by providing our employees with ongoing opportunities for training and development. We aspire to cultivate an environment in which our employees feel fully supported, encouraged, and empowered.

It is our firm belief that a work-life balance is essential to success. Therefore, we offer competitive compensation packages, top-of-the-line benefits, flexible work hours, and a comfortable, accommodating dress code.

Our Company Culture

Our most important asset is our people, and we encourage and respect diversity of belief, cultures and values. At MCIC, we share a common understanding of our mission and purpose and focus on what matters most to achieve our strategic objectives.

Diversity and Inclusion

We encourage and respect diversity of beliefs, cultures, and values.

Subscriber Collaboration

We are devoted to partnering with our subscribers and actively seek feedback to provide the best service possible.

Commitment to Our People

We invest in our people to ensure we are engaged, empowered, and productive.


You’ve heard about MCIC from us. Now hear about it from our people:

I’ve been working at MCIC for over a year now, and it’s been exciting to be part of a company that has focused strategic plans and supports elite academic medical centers through patient safety initiatives. It’s extremely rewarding to know that by doing my job, I’m helping to make a difference in patient safety.

The best part of my job is that I get to work with top notch colleagues every day. Assignments are challenging, but the smart coworkers and world class subscribers I interact with make it worthwhile. The management of data here is unique to our organization as well, and watching it develop to serve our subscribers is fascinating.

The good pay and benefits make working here really attractive. But the work is satisfying as well. And leadership and the executive team have a passion and drive to really evolve the business in realistic ways. So I’m excited to see what develops.