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Our Mission and Vision

At MCIC, we strive to provide our subscribers with the best long-term, stable, and cost-effective medical professional and general liability insurance coverage that meets our subscribers’ insurance needs for health care delivery and medical education. Our vision is to remain the leading full-service, value-added risk management and insurance company supporting its subscribers.

Our Subscribers

From 1978 into the Future

MCIC’s origins date back more than four decades. In 1978, The Medical Centre Insurance Company, Ltd., a Bermuda-based captive insurance company was formed to provide its shareholders with insurance for their medical professional and general liability exposures. In 1997 MCIC Vermont and The Medical Centre Insurance Company, Ltd merged and became the reciprocal risk retention group that is in existence today. As a reciprocal risk retention group, we provide our subscribers with a more predictable cost structure and our subscribers benefit from sharing risk among similar institutions.

Currently, MCIC insures its subscribers and certain affiliates across all their campuses, which include more than sixteen hospitals and 375 separate locations in seven states. We insure more than 18,000 physicians, over 50,000 individual employees, and generate over $500 million in annual written premiums.

Our vision is to remain the best Medical Professional Liability insurance and risk management company in our class by offering a comprehensive set of services to the entire integrated delivery system used by our subscribers. Through analytics and impact measurement, our services will continue to evolve as the health industry evolves and be tailored to our subscribers’ needs.

Our charter institutions include Columbia University, Cornell University, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Johns Hopkins University, NewYork-Presbyterian, University of Rochester, Yale New Haven Hospital, and Yale School of Medicine. 

What Matters to Us

At MCIC, we believe that the highest quality results are achieved through a blend of having the best people, delivering outstanding work, and providing responsive customer service. These are the standards we apply to everything we do:


We act as co-owners of the organization in everything we do.


We find effective, resourceful, and creative ways to deliver cutting-edge service and solutions for medical malpractice insurance.


We hold each other to a high standard of ethics and demonstrate accountability, good business judgement, and honesty in all aspects of our work.


We encourage and support the contributions of others, share expertise, and collaborate to accomplish goals.


We partner with our subscribers to provide valuable and personalized services and actively seek feedback to better understand and address their needs.


We are an organization of self-motivated and growth-oriented people who hold ourselves accountable for results.