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A Leading Medical Professional Insurer

At MCIC Vermont, we protect our subscribers and their healthcare providers with best-in-class insurance and cutting-edge risk intelligence to support their health care delivery, medical education, and clinical research needs.

Serving the nation's most prestigious academic medical centers.

The MCIC Advantage

With the help of our academic medical center subscribers, we create, implement, and monitor innovative programs that realize our strategic objectives to manage risk, improve patient safety, and promote cost savings. These programs provide valuable services and enable success for our subscribers and their healthcare providers.

Insurance and Risk Management

Risk Reduction and Patient Safety

Cost Stability and Control

Four Decades of Excellence

Since 1978, we have been providing medical professional and general liability insurance coverage and risk management services to our academic medical centers.

Today, we continue that legacy by providing our subscribers with best-in-class coverage and innovative programs that provide impactful results now and far into the future.

18,700 physicians insured in 2020.
103 facilities insured in 2020.
7,525 beds across all insured facilities in 2020.
$1.9B awarded by NIH for research in 2020.
11.06% of the total amount awarded by the NIH.

Career Opportunities

What you do makes a difference.

By working at MCIC, you make a difference in health care delivery systems by enabling innovative approaches to reducing hospital risk and improving patient outcomes. No matter the job, no matter the department, you make an impact.