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Our Underwriting Department’s mission is to provide our Subscribers with critical intelligence that allows us to jointly make prudent, cost effective and informed decisions regarding the classification and acceptance of risk by the company and its Subscribers.  In identifying which physicians and medical professionals may expose the institution to increased malpractice claim risk and/or who seem to have greater risk themselves individually, we work closely with each institution to ensure that this information is fully considered as a part of their credentialing process.  By sharing this information with our physician insureds and our Subscribers, we collaborate on ways to remediate, reduce and mitigate this risk to better equip the physician and the institution to improve patient safety and satisfaction.  Quite often, the quality of the medical care provided is not an issue and our goal is simply to help our insured physicians better protect and defend themselves from potential litigation.

MCIC’s Underwriting Department’s initiatives are not punitive towards physicians in any way.  Our goal is to simply increase understanding and awareness of the risks our medical center institutions and insured physicians face and to help them to reduce these risks through changes in behavior, process or through the implementation of targeted risk remediation programs.